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A day goes by

February 27, 2005 | Comments (0)
Indian boy at back of bus wiht window open (55kb)
A day goes by…; february 12, 2005; Hyderabad; nikon 5700; © janco tanis

After seven years I was back in India. This time it was just for a week in Hyderabad for business. I was amazed how different this area was compared to 1998. Not sure if this was because that time was my first time in India, but it was also in the north — the so called “Golden Triangle”. That time it was kind off a shock coming from Europe and being dumped in Delhi.

Parked ambasador car (55kb)
Good old ambasador…; february 12, 2005; Hyderabad; nikon 5700; © janco tanis

Hyderabad is quite different. It is very western compared to Delhi. A big differentce if the kind of cars. I expected to see only Tatas and Ambasadors. However you also find a big number of Asian cars like honda, toyota, suzuki etc… I only wonder if the defference is because o fthe years that have gone by or just the part of the country.


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