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CoolPix 5700 Biking at ISO 800

July 20, 2003 | Comments (0)

We did some biking with the little girl today. I made some shots in action from my bike! The shots were taken at ISO 800. This returns an awfull lot of noise; almost useless if you want to crop it and show it real-pixes-size on the web! However, having a filter (find edges), you can make something colorfull of it.3 manipulated bike riding shots with colored edges 14k

There are tools to improve images like this. The drawback is that they remove a bit of sharpness. In the following part I show some examples.

I used a demo of Neat Image 2.11 to remove nois and got the following results (which is quite acceptable in some areas).

  • Skin tones are quite good optimized:
    skin, original ISO 800 1.6kskin, optimized ISO 800 1k

  • The brick wall gets quite blurry and stones almost removed from the optimized image although this might not be obvious ona print:
    brick wall, original ISO 800 1.7kbrick wall, optimized ISO 800 1k

  • The concreate wall gets very well optimized as the tone is smooth:
    concrete wall, original ISO 800 1.7kconcrete wall, optimized ISO 800 1k

  • The trees, leaves and grass look very weird to me. Here and there you see blurry blobs in the image:
    tree leaves, original ISO 800 5.4ktree leaves, optimized ISO 800 3k
    grass, original ISO 800 5.4kgrass, optimized ISO 800 3k

Another little advantage it that the neat image optimized file compress better (1.8x) as they contain less colours and less noise. The image is taken with a CoolPix 5700, ISO 800 on a sunny day. I used a demo of Neat Image v2.11 with the default coolpix 5700 profile.


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