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Don't make me think!; ISBN 0789723107

August 5, 2003 | Comments (0)

This is an exelent book about web usability. Although its brief, its well to the point and a quick read. Steve Krug has a good way in explaning the concepts although a lot the of the items are common sense there are also eye-openers. For example its better to just grab some people and let them do a number of cases on your (proto) site, instead of leaving it to the end and do a big trial with your focus group. One of the minor things is that its examples are mostly for e-commerce sites and have not seen any good examples for intranet applications as these look quite different to me on some occasions.

Back flap (5K)
The only thing what made me think was the back flap. It looks like its intended as replacement for the dog-ear but its too small for that. In fact its even smaller then the rest of the book’s pages.



Samples pages look great. Can you bring it along some time ..?

Posted by: :) Martin Koster at August 9, 2003 8:50 PM

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