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First entry with MT

September 1, 2003 | Comments (0)

I just added my first entry with Movable Type on a new server. I upgraded my old pentium 100 to a Celeron 500, a bit more memory and disk space and a MySql backed Movable Type blogging system. After running for some weeks in parallel to configure the new system, I think it might now be ready for prime time. So please let me know if something breaks so I can try to fix it.

Why did I migrate from GreyMatter? Well that was because I ran into problems with the rebuild of my monthly templates. For some reason it went in an endless loop generating the last month but one. A number of other people ran into this problem but no fixes were present and I’m not familiar enough with Perl to implement a patch myselves. Anyway if I would want that, I would probably create my own blogging tool using Java Server Pages. Enough said on this I was ahappy user with GreyMatter and it helped me into the blogging world but MT is much more powerfull so I hope I do not have/want to change in another three months time to another system.


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