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Nikon 5700 Repaired

November 11, 2003 | Comments (0)

Today I got a mail from Kamera Express that my Nikon was back from repair. I couldn’t believe this because I expected that it would be away for at least 15 working days (equals a whole three weeks!).

It has now just been away for 5 days (including a weekend) which was a big surprise. The information I got from the dpreview forums was that it normally would take quite long for even the smallest repairs. So compliments to Inca BV.

The lens error was fixed by replacing the gears. Because the camera was just under a year old it was fixed free of charge.

To overcome a problem with the lens in the future I decided to protect it better and bought me the UR-E8 adapter. This will help just a bit as it won’t protect the the tele setting of the lens. So I also need to shop around a bit with bernie’s (see my other post about this subject).

Unfortunately this adapter was not well engineered. It is for example unpossible to snap the standard lens cap on it. If the coolpix engineers look a bit better at their design they would be a bit more usable.



I have a Nikon 5700, the problem with it is the typical lens error, it is to the point where the lens no longer moves... i need to find someone that can do this fix at a decent price. please let me know asap! thanks -Andrew

Posted by: :) Andrew at September 19, 2006 5:15 AM

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