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Free Spirit: A Climber's Life; ISBN 0898865735

March 9, 2004 | Comments (0)

Reinhold Messner is probably the best climber. Although everyone knows Edmund Hillary, and maybe also Mallory who both climbed the Everest, Messner is the first one who climbed the 8-thousanders: solo, with oxigen and without oxigen, fast and all of them as the first person.

This book is probably Messners autobiography. It starts in the Dolomites when he clims with his father, mother and brothers. It ends with his traverse of the biggest flat mountain: antarctica.

When you read all the stories, each chapter talks about a different mountain, you see that this man has lots of experience and is very strong. However, he also has quite a bit of luck on the mountains. Because there is not enough room to climb a mountainin a single chapter, the book is sometimes a bit dry read. Its a long set of dry-fact paragraphs which might be very accurate but not always the most interesting read…


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