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D70 firmware update

June 30, 2004 | Comments (0)

Nikon has an update available of the D70 firmware. It consists of two parts A & B which have to be updated separately.

The upgrades seem to fix some minor issues although — according to dpreview — it will also solve — the much talked about — color cast with high shutter speeds.

From the Nikon support site it is stated that the following items should be fixed:

Issues addressed with A firmware version 1.01

  1. Images captured in Continuous mode at high shutter speeds sometimes displayed vignetting in upper portions of the image. This problem has been corrected.
  2. When the built-in Speedlight was in its raised position but did not fire, the Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment function (ISO Auto: CSM 5) sometimes failed. This problem has been corrected.

Issues addressed with B firmware version 1.02

  1. The camera now supports CompactFlash™ memory cards with a capacity greater than 4GB.
  2. When images were captured in Continuous mode at an Image size setting of M and an Image quality setting of FINE, the memory card access lamp sometimes glowed continuously and the camera could not be turned off with the power switch. This problem has been corrected.
  3. Text errors in display of Chinese menus and messages have been corrected.



I have an D70 with english menus bought i Italy.
Is it possible to upgrade to swedish menus?


Posted by: :) Lennart Johansson at July 6, 2005 10:28 PM

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