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Nikon D2X rumor summary

July 15, 2004 | Comments (0)

The rumors (or is it rumours?) about the expected Nikon D2X are starting to get louder and louder these days. A short summary from what I’ve seen:

  • It won’t be full frame. Nikon has not confirmed plans to go full frame so we expect an LBCAST sensor like in the D2H with higher resolution.
  • From the fact that it will be higher resolution then the D2H, it will be in the range of 6 to 12 MPix. My expectation is at least 8 and will be surprised and impressed if it’s 10 or higher. This means that it might not leap frog over Canon 1D mark II, since that camera is on the market for a while it will grab a big market share in this range of DSLR. However saying this, it seems to take quite a while before the D2X is here so there is a slight chance that the camera went back to the drawing board and that we get a 12 MPix DX-Sensor with 6 frames/sec.
  • The D2X will most likely be presented at Photokina 2004 and first viewable — in the wild — at the Olympics in Athens.
  • If Nikon says end 2004 availability, that means in practise that the first production samples will be available Q1 2005 and at the latest early Q2 2005.
  • Price will be around € 5000
  • Body will be very similar to the D2H (but it won’t look like this).
But what if the D2X is called F6? In that case it will have a interchangeable back where you can select Velvia (Film), DX or Full-Frame sized back…



In the U.S., Nikon applied for and received a trademark on D2X, indicating the intent to market under that name...

Posted by: :) Michael Benveniste at July 30, 2004 7:51 PM

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