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The Adobe Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers; ISBN 0735714118

July 18, 2004 | Comments (0)

I’m not sure why I decided to actually buy this book. I recently bought already martin evening’s book. The difference is that Scott Kelby’s book tackles a number of areas of which most of them are also covered in any other cs book. However for each area — like Crop and Resize, Color adjustment, Fix skin, Sharpening and Black and White — a number of different techniques are shown. Most of the time you find a technique or two which are quite unique. This book can be well used as reference guide as you do not need to read chapter by chapter but you can just pin point a specific problem and follow the technique described.

Scott is quite honest that he didn’t invent everything himselves, so you see lots of references to other Photoshop CS users. He further uses quite funny language. Take for example the chapter intro for the File Browser:

… the File Browser all by itself is probably more powerfull then many stand-alone products, like the Whopper (that computer in the movie War Games) or Microsoft Office 2000. Sure the Whopper could simulate a Soviet First Strike…

For me the two chapters on the File Browser weren’t necessary and the same is true for the 38 special effects and the finishing of photos — where it is show how to add border, publish on web or use digimarc.


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