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Nikon 5700 custom settings

August 2, 2004 | Comments (0)

One of the nice things of the Nikon Coolpix 5700 are custom button assignments for “Func” and “Mode” and the three custom sets. In contrast to the factory default setting A — these are quite useful. The factory setting is rubbish as it is set on continuous auto focus which makes me very nervous. I configured the following in my coolpix.

Mode — The mode button switches through the exposure modes: P ( program (auto) mode), S (shutter priority), A (aperture priority) and M (manual mode). Most of the time I use Aperture priority or Program mode.

Func — The FUNC button switches through metering modes. Under normal circumstances I always use matrix metering. However when I want to fool the camera I use spot or partial metering.

Custom set 1 — This one is optimised for normal shooting. Noise reduction is sometimes on but mostly off. This is also the mode I switch to when I want to use the Flash.

Custom set 2 — Set to use Best Shot Selector (BSS). The camera now makes a number of shots and selects the one that is the sharpest. I normally use this when my shutter-speed is slow. Best Shot now selects the image then the camera movement is the lowest. This is normally the second or third shot in a sequence of five. I cannot use flash in this mode.

Custom set 3 — This is my setting scratch-area. I normally do not know which settings are stored in it. I use if for continuous shooting, sometimes for a custom white balance calibration.

For all custom setting I have set sharpening off, adjustment auto and saturation control to normal — I think that these things can be easier and better done in PhotoShop. ISO has never been from 100 (to get the minimum amount of noise) and image quality to maximum JPEG. I rarely shoot in RAW as the camera is too slow for that. Even with an Sandisk Utra II card it’s still not fast enough for me. I like although the extra adjustment options you have in your digital dark room.



gud tips man! appreciate ur share of thoughts!

Posted by: :) wodern at March 30, 2005 4:33 PM

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