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Some really old concrete

November 7, 2004 | Comments (0)
Concrete roof of the pantheon (40kb)
some really old concreate; october 2004; nikon 5700; © janco tanis

A picture of the concrete roof of the Pantheon in Rome. Inside and outside of the Pantheon are my favourite places in Rome. The roof is just fabulous! It is build in 126 B.C. and has been for 2000 years the biggest dome. After the fall Roman impire, the knowledge about concrete disapeared and only since 1913 a bigger concrete dome was build in Wroclaw, Poland.



Dear Sir

As a Cement Process Engineer in Brazil I am writing down a lecture concernig the cement history and correlated cement raw materials(in portuguese and for local use, of course).

Meanwhile, searching through Internet I got files concerning a lime which I have a great interest to include in my lecture.

Therefore I will be very glad if You can help me giving any direction in what is necessary to do in order to get your permit to use the above mentioned pictures.

Hopping to hear from you soon

Yours Faithfully

Ricardo Telles

Posted by: :) ricardo silva telles at June 7, 2006 3:17 PM

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