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Nikon D2X 'noise' from japan

December 12, 2004 | Comments (0)

According to digitalcamera.jp and PC Watch the noise of the Nikon D2X on ISO400 exceeds the Canon EOS-1D mark II. On ISO800 it is still competitive with ISO400 of the Mark II.

Although the pixels are much smaller, the dynamic range is as good as that of the Nikon D70.

JPEG is believed to be constructed using the image processor from NuCORE Technology Corporation. This is not confirmed by NuCORE. This works on 16bits instead of the resulting 12bits output for RAW images.

The highspeed crop-mode captures the central 6.8mpix. This results in a conversion factor of 2.0 compared to 35mm film. With the standard focusing screen, the four corners of the crop frame are red illumination. The crop mode can also be registered with a function button.

The USB 2.0 interface transfer speed has improved to approximately 5MB/s — which is 1.5 times that the D2H.

Playback can be enlarge upto 400%.


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