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New fonts in LongHorn

March 19, 2005 | Comments (0)

Microsoft is planning to release a set of brand new fonts with the Longhorn operating system. In total six new fonts will be supplied of which three are sans serif, 2 serif and one monospaced font.

Example calibri (6kb)

Calibri might be my favourite one. I guess this is the “New Arial”. After years using Arial all over the place as the default sans serif font we now get a bit friendlier font. The others are Cambria and Constantia, which are serif, Candara and Carbel (sans serif) and Consolas. This last one might be the new default font to program dot Net applications!

The fonts use the latest technology like ClearType and OpenType and can be used on different operating environments.

“Microsoft ClearType is an unprecedented innovation in font display technology that dramatically improves font display resolution and marks a genuine breakthrough in screen readability.” — Microsoft Typography
“The two main benefits of the OpenType format are its cross-platform compatibility (the same font file works on Macintosh and Windows computers), and its ability to support widely expanded character sets and layout features, which provide richer linguistic support and advanced typographic control.” — Adobe OpenType

Poynter Online is running a full story with scanned examples of these fonts.


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