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TomTom Go 5 firmware update

March 20, 2005 | Comments (0)
TomTom logo (1.5kb)

At the CeBit in Hanover, TomTom announced the new versions of the Go product line. At the same time a firmware update is presented for the current Go. Since the last upgrade in September 2004 (release 4.4), the Go got the option for “Point of Interests”! With version 5, things get more serious and add a loads of handy features.

Planning preferences — I always wondered how the route time was calculated but the Go had ust build in rules for that. With this release you can select how to travel like : Fastest, shortes, avoud moterways, biking routes or only walking routes and an option to ask with every route plan.

Navidate to — This is expanded where it is now possible to go to a POI in a certain city, city center and a postal code. The last option only works in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Toll charge preferences — An option to avoid or never avoid toll routes. Extremely handy when traveling through France!

Itinerary — This support plannign a trip along a number of points. The go will guide you to the points one by one.

View route — This is an enhanced rout/map liek we currently have. A bonus is the route demo. This shows you a 3D, moving demo with spoken navigational comments of the entire trip! Obviously it is possible to set the demo speed upto 5 times the normal driving speed.

Volume preferences — An extra option can be found to link the sound volume to the car speed.

Keyboard preferences — A choice can be made of 3 different keyboard layouts like ABC, QWERTY and AZERTY

Status bar — You can now define the information you want to be shown on the status bar. Make a selection of: remaining time, remaining distance, time of arrival, current time, street name and speed

Color scheme — Two additional color schemes are added. If the current number of schemes were not enough…

Compass function — A little compas is shown on the lower left bottom of the screen, showing the direction of the north or of the car.


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