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Nikon D200

July 14, 2005 | Comments (0)
On July 14, 2005, Nikon finally filed a trademark application for the D200. It can be found on United States Patent and Trademark Office. Speculations can start about the amount of mpix. Please add your best guess:
  • 6 mpix as the D2Hs and D70s stayed the same size.
  • 8 mpix as the Canon 20D is the main competitor.
  • 10 mpix as Sony has a sensor available.
  • 12 mpix as that is double the D100 size (2x D100 is D200).



Here's my guess:

14+ megapixel, full-frame sensor :-)

Posted by: :) Geren at July 26, 2005 9:44 PM

Hi , i guess atleast a 10 mp , with 5 fps , 1/500 SYNC, with vertical grip.

Posted by: :) aman at July 28, 2005 11:27 AM

It would have to be AT LEAST 8 mp to compete with the Canon D20. I don't think it will be 12 mp because that might hurt sales of the D2X. 10 mp would be nice, as long as the price is in the $1500 range, I would buy one in a heartbeat. Or as soon as I could pay for it, anyway.

Posted by: :) Jim at August 4, 2005 1:05 AM

D200 must not be in competition to the D2X but it must be more then the Canon 20D even just equal 8.2 will not get people buy the D200 - i hope 9-10mp 500sync... i really want a full frame

Posted by: :) Martin at August 4, 2005 2:17 AM

I think Nikon D200 will have 10.2mp. It will beat Canon 20D. Nikon will lead in this DSLR thing and for good. D3 is being developing full-frame. D200 will not be superior to D2X. But for sure it will have more features than Canon 20D. It's all about the game. And it's about time Nikon steps up. Just like film. Nikon will rule again and for good. This competition thing never end. Canon will come up with something better, and here we go again.....

Posted by: :) daddyv at August 5, 2005 3:52 AM

hello my big guess is it will not go bellow 10mp, i expect it will be 12MP up mybe 13 or something if sony develop new CMOS because its the next nikon D200. canon makes too many model just to beat D100. D60,10D and even 20D 8mp is nothing to 6mp you have to print 20x30 to see the difference, even 6mp of canon10D

The nikon d200 is going to have new feature that the D2X dont have, its always that way if you will look to the pass models that they develop.

i think most of our request will be applied to the new model like magnisium body, 500sycn speed, higher shutter durability, longer buffer, high 5fps shutter speed, lower noise with higher ISO, every thing is going to be WOW when its release we just have to wait

i think D200 will be commonly design for Proffesional Photographer that need lower cost. it will be around 300,000 yen (company price) but in camera shop will be cheaper.

all i have said hear are only i think will happen nothing of what i have said is a fact.


Posted by: :) din at August 5, 2005 6:11 AM

D200 will have at least 10.2mp. I don't think it will be 12mp as D2X. It'll be better than Canon 20D. I am not sure if Spot Metering will be available for D200. Flash-sycn will be slower...250sycn :-( D200 will be Semi-Pro. The price will be around $1,800.00 US, body only. I owned D70 and it is a great camera. I can't wait for D200........:-))

Posted by: :) BigV at August 6, 2005 4:15 PM

nikon will not come out with a full frame sensor. They'd have riots after people bought all the DX lenses that they "committed" to.

Posted by: :) p. charles at August 7, 2005 8:45 AM

The D200 will indeed remain with the 1.5 crop factor. Many who think a full frame sensor is vastly superior simply need to look at the actual size of the sensor pixels.

The Canon full frame sensor has pixels almost 1.4 x the size of the D2x.

And p.charles is totally correct. The development of lenses for the 1.5. crop factor which are designated for "digital" SLR's is gaining momentum like nothing the industry has seen before. Companies like Tamron, Sigma and even Tonika are now producing some remarkable quality within their "pro digital" lens range. Some even rival Nikon for sharpness and build quality. And they are enjoying sales on a level not really seen before for them.

So my bet for the D200 is it will slot right inbetween the D70 and D2x and will have a 10.5 mpxl 1.5 crop factor sensor.

The unit will be more aimed at the pro market and for those D70's users wanting something tangible to upgrade to without having win the lottery.

The D200 will be absent of any predefined "consumer" type shooting modes, such as "landscape", "portrate" or "night" - (as seen on the D50, D70 and D70s) etc. It will squarly be aimed at the semi pro/pro market.

It will have the ability to reduce the megapixel senor onboard to increase frame rates - my bet is you'll be able to select to use either the full 10.5 mpixel sensor or crop to 6.1 mgpixel size in much the same way the D2x does.

As far as price goes, this will be calculated on commercial factors and not have anything to do with the manufacturing cost of the unit. Sensation feature this by the way.

The challenge here is the D70 and D70s are the most successful DSLR's of all time - by sheer volume. Make the D200 price point too close to the D70s's and Nikon will negatively impact on the D70 future and all who have invested in them.

Based on a street price of US $1,000 for the D70s body only, my bet is the D200 will come in at around the $2,000 point - rough figures but you get my drift in the difference, it will be quite a bit - it will need to be to retain Nikon's product line integrity .

Final note, the actiual final size of the sensor for the D200 will depend on the supplier Sony and even possibly Fuji - who have scored a technical coo with their double layer sensors as used on the S3. Both have recently developed a latest generation 10+mpixel CMOS that are extraordinarily good at keeping noise low at high ISO. They are quick and precise and of course being CMOS are cheaper for Nikon to buy.

Now for a little behind the scenes tip - keep your eyes peeled for the S4 Pro model from Fuji. The D200 and S4 Pro will be VERY VERY VERY VERY similar.

Cheers all.

Posted by: :) Inya at August 8, 2005 4:49 AM

The speculation is fun. Whether logic prevails is another question. The possibility the D200 may 'usurp' the position of the D2X is very real. Why?Because the D3 is waiting in the wings. We've seen speculation run the gamut, from 6mp to 16mp. I can tell you it will be somewhere in between(lol!!). Here is what I think:
- the D200 cannot be the equal of the 20D, but must draw a clear division of the two. If it doesn't, Nikon will just be introducing another dslr.
- In order to clearly divide the two the D200 must offer the following:
- a minimum of 10mp
- 1/500 flash sync
- 100-1600 iso (3200?)
- mirror lock-up
- priced less than 2k (probably between $1600-$1800)
- CMOS sensor
- Will not be ff, but 1.3 or 1.5 crop factor
- it has to be a stop gap between the 20D and 5D. In other words people considering the 5D may want to give a 2nd look to the D200.

Posted by: :) subgenius at August 25, 2005 1:08 AM

I hate it when I read thread like these, They make me drool all the time, excited and anxious :). The worst thing about the Nikon 200 is the wait...
My $.02

Posted by: :) Paul at August 26, 2005 7:24 AM

I agree entirely with Inya & as Paul said, the worst part is the wait. Not sure if i'll be able to afford it though! (still paying off my D70s)
It should be an awesome camera & worth the wait.
The only reason i did'nt buy the D100 was it's age making it inferior in features to the D70s (for amateurs like myself)
It will be interesting to see what improvements will be made on the D100 apart from the obvious increase of megapixels. I bought a D70s (which is a great camera) to fill in the time until the D200. I reckon it will be 10+megs
I hope it will be set up similar to the D100 which had functions almost like my F80.(my previous SLR that i got to know so well.)

Posted by: :) agro at August 28, 2005 3:11 AM

Some have suggested that if the D200 used the same sensor in the D2x that it would cut into D2x sales. But one also needs to consider that if the D200 used the same sensor it would create economies of scale that would lower the production price of that sensor. I think I heard that Nikon was building 8000 D2Xs each month; surely they would build (and sell) many more D200s in the same period.

Also, while it's difficult to know what kind of premises and data the marketing department at Nikon is working with, my guess is that they aren't overly concerned with matching or exceeding some particular Canon spec with this camera. Canon is a huge company with vast resources, able to quickly introduce new products. I'd imagine that Nikon's chief concern is selling something to the vast hordes of current D70 owners. Thus, the D200 will likely be something that provides D70 owners with an irresistible upgrade.

Posted by: :) James Kielland at August 28, 2005 10:37 PM

Yes agreed.

But touching on this full frame sensor comparision. Does everyone know the D2x has much smaller pixels (181 per mm) then Canon's full frame top of the line camera (139 per mm).

So, if the D200 happens to get the same sensor as the D2x then it too will be superior to the Canon full frame digital flagship camera.

But don't get me wrong, I like Canon digital cameras, I'm using one as a door stop.

Posted by: :) inya at August 29, 2005 4:12 PM

Yes agreed.

But touching on this full frame sensor comparision. Does everyone know the D2x has much smaller pixels (181 per mm) then Canon's full frame top of the line camera (139 per mm).

So, if the D200 happens to get the same sensor as the D2x then it too will be superior to the Canon full frame digital flagship camera.

But don't get me wrong, I like Canon digital cameras, I'm using one as a door stop.

Posted by: :) inya at August 29, 2005 4:12 PM

I think its gonna be a 8mpix 1,5 croop that is very fast and with pro features. It will land in high midrange somewhere between 20d and 1dMKIIN in price

Posted by: :) Johan at October 8, 2005 3:06 PM

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