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Nikon D200 competition is 'announced'

August 11, 2005 | Comments (0)

Just now Nikon has registered the Nikon D200 Trademark and people start to speculate what specs the camera will have, information about a new Canon has leaked on the internet. Canon will potentially deliver a little brother to the 1Ds Mark || — namely the Canon 5D. This camera will have — according the specs — a 13mpx full frame sensor, make upto 3 frames a second, 2.5inch LCD and will cost around € 3500,-. Nikon fans now cry out that the Nikon D200 — which is expected at around € 2500,- — to have at least the same amount of pixels and preferably more. The question is obvious: “is it possible to build a FullFrame camera for € 3500,-?”. While the Canon 1Ds Mark II is around € 7500,-, is the difference worth € 4000,-? The same questions can be asked for the Nikon D2X and the Nikon D200. Assume that they use the same sensor, can there be a difference of € 1500,-. I guess this is more likely as a Nikon D200 won’t have a vertical handgrip of € 350,-, the robustness and speed.

More interestingly is the fact that a) Canon now will have two full frame bodies and b) that it is likely possible to build one for a reasonable price. This might mean that Nikon will start getting the blueprints out of the safe of their rumoured full frame camera the Nikon D3. Nikon executives have said some time ago that they thought that a $10.000,- body is too much for the current market. Although they are quite able to produce one they will probably wait till they can make one with a $5K price tag and when the Nikon D2x is old enough to be phased out.


Canon 5D: 13 Megapixel Digital SLR: nice specifications: 2.5-inch LCD display, EF lenses compatibility, 13 Megapixel resolution, 3 frames per second in continuous shooting and a (magnesium) body that does not seem larger than the Canon 20D. Wow that's cool!
Posted by: Ubergizmo, the Gadgets Radar at August 12, 2005 10:40 AM

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