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Leaked specs of Nikon D200 are fake?

August 19, 2005 | Comments (0)

Someone found the specs of the new Nikon D200 by changing the Nikon D2x url on the Nikon Imaging site to D200. The resulting URL http://nikonimaging.com/global/products/digitalcamera/slr/d2x/index.htm seemed to have contained the specs before Nikon removed them. As leaked specs come a lot from the marketing department, it is a possibility that they started of with editing the D2x brochure. However some rumors say that there is at least one surprise for the Nikon D200 and there isn’t one in this leaked spec sheet.

There was not much surprise as the person — who seemed to have found it — only changed the body weight and frame rate to 3 frames per second. I would vote for FAKE. See a copy of the page on this french website.


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