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Nikon D200 announcement. Surprise (NOT)!

November 1, 2005 | Comments (0)
Nikon(R) Unveils the New D200(TM) Digital SLR Camera
” 10.2 Megapixel D200 Digital SLR Delivers Outstanding Image Quality With Blazing Speed, Rugged Construction and Intelligent Features”

After three and half years, Nikon comes with the successor of the Nikon D100 — The Nikon D200. It is an all ways better then its predecessor. One notably thing is that it does not have support for TIFF anymore. I don’t think this is a loss — although white ballence encryption and software support in 10 years might let you think differently. The Nikon D200 seems also to have shrunken in size compared to the D100.

Interesting to see is that ISO is standard 100 - 1600 without boost. After that there is an option to go to 3200. 6400 is absent. Another point solved seems the magnification of the viewfinder. Although it covers only 95%, the magnification is upto a nice 0.94. This is even better then the 0.84 of the Nikon D2x.

What a lot of people — who grew up with the Nikon F3 and older cameras — will love is the compatibility with older lenses. The use of an AI ring will let you use all lenses from 1977 on this camera.

Ok, now what was the surprise feature of this camera? I don’t know, it has a high quality magnesium alloy body, soft rubber coating around grip areas and rubber seals around compartment doors — same as Nikon D2x. It has a 2.5inch LCD — same as D2x. It has a high shutter speed of 1/8000 — same as the D2x. Maybe the feature is the AI ring to have access to the hundreds of lenses made by Nikon since 1977…



Quoting Nikon USA site:
"The D200 reacts with lightning speed, powering-up in a mere 0.15 seconds, and firing in
an imperceptible 50 millisecond shutter release lag time."
DROOL... (quoting E.T.)

As I said before: will be in shop at 'bonus time' (company end of year awards). And as you visitors might now (or not) Janco made a BIG promotion this year. Did I say too much boss? A BIG bonus might be the cream on the pie, and a chance to add a 4th Nikon camera on top of the stack.

Posted by: :) E.T. at November 1, 2005 10:45 PM

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