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What if Nikon goes Full Frame?

November 28, 2005 | Comments (0)

According to various rumors, Nikon is now developing a Full Frame camera which could hit the shelves mid/end next year — possibly late 2006 at Photokina. This means they finally can make a sensor for an affordable price. So Nikon bringing out a FF camera means it will be in the D2X price range instead of a 1Ds price.

For that price we could have an 10mpix LBCAST camera with good noise characteristics. Thom Hogan guesses it will be called 3DH(s) and is very speedy — in the 10 or 12 fps range.

Question a lot of people will have is: “What does this with my DX investment?”. Probably you can still use DX lenses on a Nikon FF camera. I would assume the camera will include an 1.5 HSC (high speed crop) mode which is specially designed to cope with DX lenses. With this is can go to 10-12 fps.


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