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Why's (poignant) guide to Ruby

December 29, 2005 | Comments (0)
Why's foxes
2.times {
  print "Yes, I've used chunky bacon in my examples,"
  print "but never again!"

One of the strangest tutorials to a programming language but really entertaining — especially if you don’t like the dry stuff about programming!

The guide is available at http://poignantguide.net/ruby/ and also in PDF format and its about Ruby and object oriented scripting language created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka matz). One of its strongest points are the full metaprogramming options and the possibility to add methods to single class instances but also adding methods at runtime. This last option made Ruby a natural candidate for the Rails framework (ROR or Ruby on Rails).

“Unquestionably one of the funniest (and weirdest) introductions to a programming language ever” — David Heinemeier Hansson


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