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Macworld San Francisco 2006

January 11, 2006 | Comments (0)

Today I’ve looked at the 40 minutes webcast of Steve Jobs’ keynote at MaxWorld 2006. It was really enjoyable; what a presenter!

A number of updated software packages were presented. For example the iLife ‘06 suite. This is now optimized for podcasting and iPod movies. GarageBand now includes software to ‘tape’ a show in a few minutes. A new product in the suite is iWeb, which enables you to setup all your content on the web like music,movies, photos and podcasts. It works “the apple way” so it is simple and elegant. The suite is delivered with every new system for free or can be bought for $79,- (same is true for the updated iWork ‘06 suite).

All demonstrations were done on an iMac powered by Inte. From today these new systems are delivered for the same price as the G5 systems but processor power is 2 - 3 times faster.

“One more thing…” — Steve Jobs
Intel Core Duo (1.7kb)

Dual processors in every MacBook Pro! Intel released the Intel Core Duo. more performance per Wattand upto 5 timesfaster then the G4 in the PowerBook. It has some spectacular new features included like:

  • iSight build in which was demoed with wireless access
  • FrontRow 2.0 including remote control
  • MagSafe - a power adaptor cord which ties to the MacBook using magnetism! So no broken books anymore when someone breaks his legs on your powercord.


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