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Fuji D200 S5 Pro

September 16, 2006 | Comments (0)

The rumours are that FujiFilm is coming out with a new S5 pro. It is supposed to have a Nikon D200 body with a Fuji senso at the inside. This should be announced 25 September 2006 — a day before Photokina starts. The camera will be probably more expensive then its Nikon counterpart (just look at the S3 pro prices now…).

Megapixels are the question. Ranges from 9, 12 to 18 mpix are mentioned. Most likely it is a SuperCCD SR sensor that is optimised for Dynamic Range. We’re probably quite sure this new sensor is one to go for as Fuji has been able to increase performance of their sensors in revolutionary ways each time! Unlike others, which move with small steps each release of their new cams.

This leaves the question about the S4 pro! Where has that camera disappeared to? It seems that the pronounciation of 4 is the same as ‘dead’ in Japan so therefor this is an unlucky number and that’s probably why they skipped it.



I'll be waiting for the Nikon D90 coming out spring-summer of 2007... it will sport a tuned up D2x 12 megapixel chip... use CF cards and SD, have many of the same features that the D80 has and will sell for around $1200. The D300 (fall of 2007) will sport Nikons first Fuji dynamic range chip with 16 megapixals, look alot like a D2x and sell for approx $3000... happy future shopping... ;)

Posted by: :) GaryInSoCal at September 18, 2006 7:21 PM

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