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Nikon top sales in Japan!?

December 22, 2006 | Comments (0)

According DPNow Nikon has overtaken canon in sales in Japan. Although Canon still has the best selling 400D at first position with 27% market share.

1. Canon EOS 400D ------------- 27.3%
2. Nikon D80 ------------------ 16.3%
3. Nikon D40 ------------------ 15.5%
4. Nikon D200 -----------------  9.1%
5. Sony A100 ------------------  6.3%
6. Pentax K10D ----------------  5.3%
7. Nikon D50 ------------------  4.8%
8. Canon EOD 350D -------------  3.3%
9. Pentax K100D ---------------  2.9%
10. Canon EOS 30D -------------  2.5%

A few things surprise me. First is the difference between the 30D and D200. I agree that the upgrade of the 20D is not impressing but would at least sell as much as the Nikon semi pro body. The other thing is that I would have expected the Canon 5D somewhere at the bottom of this list.


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