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Nikon D3x Rumors

April 16, 2008 | Comments (0)


Althougn a Nikon D90 is expected before this summer as a successor to the Nikon D80, there aren’t many rumors found. The only things popping up is the fake D90 as shown here. The rumors for the Nikon D3x is getting bigger and bigger since Nikon has released a new firmware version for the Nikon D3. This firmware is believed to be identical for the D3 and the D3x as a number of menu labels have been found which show the resolution of this new camera to be This string (and others) appears in the firmware file - 6048 x 4032; 24.4 Mpix 4544 x 3024; 13.7 Mpix 3024 x 2016; 6.1 Mpix 5056 x 4032; 20.4 Mpix 3792 x 3024; 11.5 Mpix 2528 x 2016; 5.1 Mpix 3968 x 2640; 10.5 Mpix 2976 x 1976; 5.9 Mpix 1984 x 1320; 2.6 Mpix. I guess there are a number of D3 bodies with a new sensor and identical firmware which is working on both cameras. The maximum resolution is 24.4 mpix so the camera leap frogs Canons latest 1Ds with a few extra pixels. This amount reveals that the sensor is most likely the new Sony made 24.4mpix sensor which is believed to appear in the Sony Alpha 900 later this year.


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