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June 2008 Archives

Nikon D700 in a magazine June 30, 2008 - After the previosu D700 images were identified as fake by engadget, we get another spyshot. D700, compared to the D3, with a slightly slower frame rate and 95% frame coverage….

Microsoft Weirdo(w)s 7.0 June 24, 2008 - Microsoft employees of the seventies re-shot when Bill left….

Nikon D700, what's in a name June 19, 2008 - It seems that Nikon is making room between the numbers. The current prosumer flagship, the Nikon D300 is, is accompanied by the D700 FX. It looks like it is the exact same as the D3 in a D300 body or…

Horses but Camels June 17, 2008 - Horses but Camels; Petra October 1999; Nikon F50, 200mm; © janco tanis…

Kill people with your mobile June 16, 2008 -