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New Nikon D70?

September 16, 2003 | Comments (0)

Will the Nikon D70 be the competitor to the Canon Digital Rebel? After the canon arived for just under $1000 the fuzz started on all nikon related photography forums. Early august Nikon japan filed an application for the D70 trademark. If we look at the request for the D2H, which was on February 21, 2003, we can expect that the camera will be announced in january 2004…This is of course much too late for X-mass and lots of people will buy the Canon 300D

The D70 is finally announced at 3 december 2003.



see Nikon D70 announcement for the announcement on 3 december. I see that I was one month off with the announcement. I think this was a strategic decision from Nikon to announce the camera just before X-mass. People who want to stay with Nikon now might wait for an extra few months and buy the D70 instead of the Canon.

Posted by: :) janco at December 5, 2003 7:17 AM

The strategy of a lowered price digital slr is great, buy why did they have to wait for Canon to do it first? Should'nt Nikon realized that not everyone can afford a D1x or D1h or let alone a D2H. Its a great idea, but Nikon will lose a lot of potential sales due to the Canon Rebel digital. Which will be the hottest selling camera this year.


Posted by: :) Nate Stephens at December 5, 2003 6:16 PM

I guess Nikon's R&D is not that big. So working on a number of different projects at the same time might be a problem. Nikon is also not very marketing driven and they produce and release the products they think they should make and only deliver them to the consumer at the moment they are satisfied with them. So saying this, it might be that the new D70 has some surprises . . .

Posted by: :) janco at December 6, 2003 2:50 PM

Yep, Nikon shouldn't have waited; even the D100 is just out of reach of many enthusiasts. However, the
timing before X-mas was shrewd. It would be nice if
a D70 kit (body + lens) would sell for under 1000 US, but I guess we'll have to wait to see. The body only is a great compliment for someone who already has a film body and lens set, but a stretch for someone starting from scratch.

Posted by: :) fullymanual at December 10, 2003 1:22 AM

The question is, will this be a superior camera to the D100? Will the D100 come down in price as a result of the introduction of the D70?

Posted by: :) Buck at December 10, 2003 4:37 AM

A very interesting comment from Janco on the marketing side of Nikon. I would say Nikonīs marketing is pretty poor. They are evidently working in a reactive mode, always a step behind, except the highest end super machines. I am not sure if Nikon can afford all the niches Canon can. Canon has much broader range of product and also broader customer base. Maybe Nikon should really concentrate on higher end machines. This is also valid for their Coolpix, which has a mind bogling model palette, but the higher end ones lack very basic functions/features. Not really Nikon worthy. They better wake up soon and listen to the critics!

Posted by: :) Istvan at December 20, 2003 6:03 PM

Well!!!! Its going to be here soon. I put off choosing the 300D to see if people like the D70. I have read the annoucments and reviews about the annoucments and I heard that the camera is supposed to be better than the D100. I guess we will see what will happen when it comes out.

Posted by: :) Digital Skunk at February 10, 2004 4:07 AM

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