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First Holga shots

December 4, 2003 | Comments (0)
First holga contact sheet

Just retrieved my first roll of Holga contact prints from the store and I’m quite happy with them! I didn’t print them all but just ordered a contact sheet with all photos on as I had no idea what to expect from the camera.

I must say that the camera is much better then I expected. The images look quite sharp on the contact sheet. The vignetting is very present but not as bad as I expected from the prints and scans I saw.

The prints are with fuji 120 roll file rated iso 100. I checked exposure with my Nikon f80 build in matrix metering and lens set on f/8. I shot the complete roll on 28 november. It was a very sunny day and the 1/100 shutter time was no problem at all. I took one multi exposure shot and that was completely washed out. I must say the fuji film is quite good in over and under exposure as only one shot underexposed and one overexposed.

The next film I shot was an ilford 400 but I had less luck with this one. The wheater was very gray and got problems with the batteries of the flash. The traveled through the camera which cost me a few shots… The ilford has also much more problems with under exposure so most of the images came out quite dark… So I think I’ll stick with color film for some time…

All scans are from a low quality office all in one fax, printer, scanner copier. I did no corection at all for the colors but applied a dust scratches removal filter and a bit of USM sharpness to compensate the filter.

My street (11Kb) Windmill in the sun (8Kb)
Diagonal Windmill (12Kb) Windmill from below (13Kb)
D'n Diek (11Kb) Shop with sixties stuff (14Kb)
Water side (12Kb) Shop with sixties stuff (11Kb)
Double (over) Exposure (8Kb) Self portrait (shade) (8Kb)
Road construction (10Kb) Riet (10Kb)



Nice images! Really like the windmill shot :)

Posted by: :) Durkin at May 25, 2008 9:56 PM

hey, just wondering i got a holga recently and was wondering where i could develop and print? any ideas?

Posted by: :) sam at May 31, 2008 11:50 PM

you should try walmart. they happen to print 120N formats.

Posted by: :) annie at July 26, 2009 5:00 AM

awesome pics man! ha Im thinking about buying a holga camera, but Im nervous they wont come out good. Got any advice to taking the pictures or handleing the camera. I heard you have to tape it. thanks =]

Posted by: :) Dcmonkey at January 21, 2010 2:26 AM

Wonderful! I just saw John Stanmeyer's "Island of the Spirits" exhibition in Ganesha Gallery-Four Seasons Jimbaran Bali this morning and learned that he took all the pictures with Holga camera and he did no correction at all. My curiousity about the camera made me google it ad found your works too.. they are really nice. I've never thought that such an old-fashioned camera will ever made me think to dump my new digital camera and replace it with Holga :D

Posted by: :) Yonda at December 29, 2010 4:03 AM

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