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Nikon DSLR Links

December 20, 2003 | Comments (0)
Just found a number of really intersting links on Nikon DSLRs:
  • Phil Askey’s review on the Nikon D2H. This is the long awaited article about the Nikon D2H. I always like the excelent quality on the reviews of cameras. These reviews even include all specs, description of the dials and previews of the menus. Phil is slightly disappointed about the noise levels as every one had high expectations that it would be much better then any of the other dslrs.
  • Tom Hogans guestimates on the Nikon D70 specifications. Tom Hogans lists here the specs for the new D70 which he thinks will have the successor to the current D100 sensor.
  • Using the 6 mm Nikon fisheye lens with the Nikon D1 camera. A great article on how to use the outstanding Nikor 6mm f5.6 on a DSLR. It solves problems like mirror lockup required for the lens and image sensor crop. This guy has a number of great 360° images. The sailboat image is exelent! Everything except the lens of the camera is on the image; unbelievable!
  • Shooting the D1X for National Geographic. That story, from the opening B-2 image to the closing F/A-22 shot, runs thirty pages in the magazine. It comprises 23 of McNally’s images, including five double trucks and a four-page gatefold. That seems like pretty clear evidence that Joe McNally did not screw up the National Geographic’s first digital assignment.


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