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The Inmates Are Running the Asylum; ISBN 0672316498

March 27, 2004 | Comments (0)

Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The Sanity

This was the first book of alan cooper that I have read. That was before I knew that he was the father of the Visual Basic IDE. Although I definately do not like the language, the interface is a great example of how software could be user friendly. I think I bought the book because of the example of Alan’s digicams. have a look at the chapter What do you get when you cross a computer with a camera?

This book made me think in a different way about user interfaces and not always accept what manufacturers present to us. It also showed me to look like a user. In the past I liked my interface if it had a tree or some fancy techy components althought this was not the best way to perform a certain task.

I enjoyed reading this book and I must say its much better then his famous “About face” which took me much longer to finish.


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