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Nikon D2H firmware version 2

July 27, 2004 | Comments (0)

I’m a bit late with this but Nikon has made a firmware upgrade available for the D2H. When they further developped the D2H firmware for the new D2X, they found a few issues and thought of a few enhancements — a 12mpix cam requires really BIG memory cards as you know. If you read till this far — I was joking about the D2X, but all the features below in the upgrade are true!

The firmware has 2 parts (like the D70 firmware update) — A and B. Both version go from 1.0 to 2.0.

This update is not only a bug fix but has a major number of improvements. Most important are:

  • Compact Flash: Support for cards with a capacity greater than 4GB has been added.
  • EXIF: Support for Exif 2.21 and an image sensitivity taghas been added to general Exif tag information.
  • A few additional CSM menus: One for FPS rate + AF. Photos can be take when camera is not in focus. In continuous mode, frame rate slows for improved focus if subject is dark or low contrast. A new custom focus setting has been added: ‘Disable Lock-On’. And a ‘C-mode max. shots’ to limit the number of times the shutter can be continuously released when no memory card is inserted in the camera.
  • File naming prefix has been changed and can now be modified in the shooting menu. By default the prefix is DSC_. However for images captured with II (AdobeRGB) ‘Color mode’ setting, the _DSC prefix is used.

Further are Autofocus and Auto white balance performance improved. A problem has been fixed which caused the frame rate in continuous shooting to decrease when sensitivity was not raised automatically when ‘ISO auto’ was turned On.


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