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Thom's Nikon D2X expectations

September 10, 2004 | Comments (0)

I think Thom Hogan has some inside information. According to him the D2x will be 12mpix at 5 fps. He also notices:

Oh yes, one other thing: the sensor in the D2x will be a major surprise.

This screams to be a full frame sensor. If it is also at a D1x price, then Nikon has a killer again — as it had with the D1 series cameras.

Further the PMA 2005 expectation are a D100 successor called D90 instead of D100 (strange as the F100 is the successor of the F90, which is just the other way round). But also a scaled down D70 called D50 (yes, I understand this numbering scheme). I guess this will be a canon digital rebel competitor.

Last thing is the F6 and D3. Hmmm too much to be true…


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