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Fuji S3 preview

September 11, 2004 | Comments (0)

A hands-on preview on dpreview for the fujifilm S3 shows a professional camera with dual storage card, usb2, firewire, PC sync terminal and vertical handgrip with dual shutter buttons. The most promising thing is the SuperCCD SR sensor. It has S and R pixels to produce an extended dynamic range and avoid the loss of detail due to over-exposure. So it has an effective 12 million pixels which result in a 6mpix picture.

The camera has a bit of disappointing performance compared to a — cheap consumer — Nikon D70. The frame buffer is small so after 12 shots it drops from a 2 fps to 0.7 fps. However this is much better then the Fujifilm S2.

Nice is the Nikon lens mount and 1.5 crop factor. This still makes it interesting for me!


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