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Fujifilm S5 pro announced

September 25, 2006 | Comments (0)
fujifile S5pro (8kb)
“Fujifilm today announces the development of the FinePix S5 Pro, the keenly-awaited successor to the acclaimed FinePix S3 Pro. In a DSLR market that is much more competitive and dynamic than the one its predecessor was launched into, the FinePix S5 Pro will stand apart from the crowd by combining the much sought-after picture quality of Fujifilm’s Super CCD SR sensor with a fully digital and durable professional metal alloy body. With this superior combination of truly professional handling and image quality, Fujifilm expects the FinePix S5 Pro to appeal to an even broader range of professional photographers.” — fujifilm
Fujifilm has announced the S5 pro to be available in February 2007. It has indeed between 9 and 18mpix. (Un)fortunately these 12mpixes are 6.17 SR and6.17HR pixels so its basically a 6mpix sensor with high dynamic range in a superb body.



S5 Pro is reported to be a major improvement over the S3 Pro in terms of handling capability and build quality. Curiously, it is similar in appearance to Nikon D200 although the mechanisms inside are different. It utilizes a SuperCCD SR Pro imaging chip that claims to offer improvements in noise, dynamic range, colour, and tonality over its predecessor. To learn more about this amazing new release from Fuji, one is advised to visit this site, SmartRatings.com, where expert reviews for S5 Pro are compiled and aggregated.

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