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DPReview Nikon D300 Handson Preview

September 10, 2007 | Comments (0)
Nikon D300 (8kb)

DPReview has published the Nikon D300 preview. A few things are clearly shown in the preview:

  • The amazing high resolution 3inch LCD display with a clear difference between the 640 x 480 of the Nikon D300 and a 320 x 240 of a Nikon D200. Note that the new display is twice the resolution!
  • A whole page about live view. Which I see as a gimmick, however I can imagine that for some kinds of work this can be really useful. I got convinced about the feature now it is has The LiveZoom(™© janco) enhancement that allows you to zoom in pixel by pixel on the sensor and lcd too really make sure that you have focussed al right! Really fantastic for macros. There is a movie which shows this.
  • 30inch apple cinema display (20kb)
    HDMI output, also a gimmick, but ET convinced me this is great for studio work. And yes, I can see a nice future 30inch Apple Cinema display — featuring HDMI — to show the results as you shoot.

UPDATE: Nikon has released official sample images in ISO 200, 400, 3200 and 6400


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