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Nikon F6

September 16, 2004 | Comments (0)

Today Nikon presented a pres release for the new Nikon F6. It’s the latest one in the famous series of F cameras.

Nikon F6 — The flagship film SLR camera that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technologies and uncompromising craftsmanship

The F6 looks more an evolution to the F5. Its feature highlights are: High-precision shutter unit, Minimized operational sound and vibration, Highly efficient mechanics and Harsh environmental testing to ensure that the camera could withstand the most severe conditions and environments.

Furthermore the auto focussing system is now operated by the Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus (AF) Sensor Module sensor. It has 11 sensors with 9 cross-type sensors. The i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with the new SB-800 and SB-600.

The body is designed by GIUGIARO. It might be very user friendly but I think its design looks not as good as the F5 and D2 cameras.



I recently puchace the F6. Disappointed because it was no working and have to return it.

Posted by: :) william at January 6, 2005 2:35 AM

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